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Toronto Interior Design Show - 2017 Design Trends

Posted on January 07 2017

Toronto is currently in an unusually deep freeze even for this Canadian city; but things are hotting up for IDS17, the 19th version of Canada’s premier interior design show and one of North America’s leading design conferences.  In the run up to this January 19-22 event, its curators have issued their forecast of ten top trends for 2017 that will drive design for the year to come. Made Modern is delighted to share these insights with you (along, of course, with a few choice examples from our collection).

First, Materials continue to matter.  So expect an eclectic mix of materials to dominate design.  “Floors, ceilings, and surface areas will be adorned with interesting materials, tiles, and patterns to create an eye-catching statement."  At Made Modern we love varied materials from refined to gritty, from concrete to marble, to copper, to wood and so on.  For grit and texture, check out our concrete lamps, light shades and tables but also our easy add faux materials using wallpapers from NLXL.   (Pictured: Bridge Stool in Concrete by Lyon Beton)

Second, Rugs As Art will trend as a way to make a quick impact.A mix of size, colour, style and texture creates endless possibilities to complement an existing room or make a complete transformation.” From floors to walls, rugs become art with rooms being built around them as opposed to on top of them. (Pictured: Tiles Rug in Yellow by Two.Six)

Third, design will meet the future through Tech & Design.  The new Smarthomewill take a futuristic trip to introduce avant-garde lighting and appliances for the savvy homeowner…” (Pictured: Nomad Side Table in Black by Spell)

Fourth, homes will blossom as Urban Retreats.  But followers of Made Modern’s interest (obsession??) in Scandie’s hygge aesthetic with a Modernist twist already know this. But IDS17 includes a move towards outdoor urban oasis with mixed materials.  This is a product area we at Made Modern will be exploring this spring.  (Pictured: WARM Espresso Cup Set in Walnut Veneer by Tonfisk; Duck and Duckling by ArchitectMade)


Fifth, Feminine Redone. Beyond pretty, “this trend sees a juxtaposition of bold architectural details and lines, mixed with soft colours and feminine shapes.” (Pictured: Medusa Table in Red with Pink Flower Tray by ibride)

Sixth, the Maker Movement with craftsmanship quality using local material to create uniquely individual objects will reflect personalization while supporting local and independent design.  At Made Modern, we do not carry bespoke furniture and accessories but many of our products come from small to medium-sized designers/producers who manufacture in their home communities with local materials.  This allows our clients to achieve a high level of personalization and quality at affordable prices.  (Pictured: Bar Stool with Green Felt Seat by OPOSSUM Design – Vejtsberg)

Seventh trend will be Classics Revisited with old getting an update with a modern twist.  This may be new materials, colours, and textures to create a “playful and referential approach to design.” (Pictured: Sumo Pouf in Blue by Normann Copenhagen)

Eighth will see more Innovative Lighting.  This will include not only show stopper shapes and forms but new technology starting with the now unstoppable trend to LED. (Pictured: LED Illuminated Goose Bedside Table in White by ibride) 

Ninth argues for a new wave of Emerging Designers experimenting creatively with materials and forms “to display fresh perspectives in design.”  At Made Modern this is a given; we are always seeking out new designers with exciting and innovative products to add to our growing collection. (Pictured: Small Deer Shelf in Black by BEdesign)

Finally, great Kitchens and Baths “will never go out of style;” but, says IDS17, expect this year to see, “with the introduction of wood paneling and technology, a fusion of classic design with modern sensibilities.” (Pictured: Block Side Table in White by Normann Copenhagen)

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  • Kaara: January 08, 2017

    Awesome post Tegan! Way to break it down and show off the types of products you are discussing.

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